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How Navata SCS transformed a traditional warehouse into modern smart warehouse

We were approached by one of India’s largest agro-products companies for warehousing solutions. They were setting-up a one-stop shop for all agricultural products across the country. Because they are in the agricultural business, they have a strong presence in Tier 2 cities.

The Challenge

  • There was no Technology to manage inventory
  • Everything was stacked on the ground , hence opportunity for better space utilization

There was no technology in place to manage inventory, and there were no systematic processes for determining what products were available at any given time in the warehouse.

As a result, there was a revenue as well as a product loss.

The Strategy

They planned to explore state-of-the-art smart warehousing with Navata SCS.

We started by looking at the client’s difficulties. We were able to custom-design and implement a solution based on the findings of our research.

The Solution

Our strong presence in rural areas came in Handy. We could find the best warehouse and manpower that suits their needs. We worked closely with the customer to put everything up from the ground up.

We designed the warehouse for optimal utilizations. 50% of the area was used for racking, and the remaining space was left open for rapidly moving items..

WMS was also integrated into their system. Customized to their specific requirement by integrating with their existing systems

The Result

  • The project was completed in less than a month’s time
  • Our strongholds in Tier 2 cities helped implement the project without any hassles.
  • We worked alongside with the client as a partner and designed a system understanding their problem and delivered a tailor-made solution
  • We helped optimize the space and resources
  • Increase inventory visibility & improved management.
  • Improve efficiency with shipment

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