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Top 10 Logistics Companies in Hyderabad

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    10 Logistics Companies in Hyderabad

    Hyderabad a bustling metropolis and hub of technology in India, hosts thriving logistics sector pivotal to its economic vitality. The city boasts diverse array of logistics companies. They are renowned for their efficiency. Reliability. And comprehensive service offerings. These top 10 Logistics Companies in Hyderabad play a crucial role in facilitating seamless transportation, Warehousing and supply chain management solutions. They operate across various industries known for their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

    These companies leverage advanced technology and strategic infrastructure to meet the dynamic demands of both local and global markets. From express parcel delivery to specialized logistics for industries like pharmaceuticals and manufacturing. Hyderabad’s leading logistics providers ensure swift, Secure and cost-effective movement of goods. Their operational excellence in international standards position them as key enablers of Hyderabad’s industrial growth.

    Navata Supply Chain Solutions

    Navata SCS stands out among logistics companies in Hyderabad for its specialized expertise in serving businesses across rural India. With a robust network of warehouses and branches, coupled with advanced logistics technology ensuring real-time tracking and updates, Navata SCS excels in delivering shipments swiftly and securely, even to remote locations. With over 40 years of industry experience, Navata SCS offers personalized logistics solutions that simplify and streamline supply chain management for businesses of all sizes.

    Emphasizing a partnership-driven approach, Navata SCS transforms supply chains into strategic growth catalysts, leveraging an asset-lite model in collaboration with transporters, logistics software solutions, and warehouse management vendors nationwide. This commitment ensures cost-effective, customer-centric logistics solutions that optimize efficiency and reliability, making Navata SCS a preferred choice in Hyderabad’s competitive logistics landscape.

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      Navata Road Transport

      Navata Road Transport is renowned among logistics companies in Hyderabad, and excels in seamless transportation adhering to global standards while offering comprehensive logistics solutions. With a strategic presence across 668 branches, Navata provides a wide array of services including transportation, freight forwarding, warehousing, project management, IT solutions, and statutory compliance. Their expertise extends to offering spacious godowns at strategic locations, ensuring efficient storage and distribution.

      Navata’s commitment to operational excellence is underpinned by advanced MIS capabilities and value-added services that cater to diverse industry needs. Whether for local distribution or complex project logistics, Navata leverages decades of experience to deliver reliable, end-to-end solutions that optimize supply chain efficiencies. As a key player in Hyderabad’s logistics sector, Navata Road Transport continues to set benchmarks in customer service and innovation, making it a preferred partner for businesses seeking robust logistics support in the region.

      Logistics Companies in Hyderabad


      Delhivery India’s largest fully integrated logistics provider, has revolutionized logistics landscape since its inception in 2011. The company has a mission to build operating system for commerce. Delhivery combines world-class infrastructure top-tier logistics operations and cutting-edge technology capabilities. It has successfully shipped over 2.1 billion parcels. It has serviced more than 30,000 businesses nationwide. The company boasts vast logistics infrastructure covering over 18 million square feet. Its nationwide network spans every state in India.

      Delhivery operates 24 automated sort centers 94 gateways and 2,880 direct delivery centers. With a workforce exceeding 57000 people, Delhivery ensures round-the-clock 365-days-a-year delivery across 18,600 pin codes. Delhivery’s commitment to excellence and technological innovation underscores its leadership in the logistics sector. This makes it a preferred choice among Logistics Companies in Hyderabad and beyond.

      Logistics Companies in Hyderabad


      Founded in 1976, VRL has grown into a nationally renowned logistics and transport company, proudly listed on the NSE and BSE with a market capitalization of INR 48.14 billion as of March 31, 2024. As the largest fleet owner of commercial vehicles in India, VRL stands out among logistics companies in Hyderabad and beyond for its pioneering approach to safe and reliable parcel services, ensuring last-mile delivery even in remote locations. Utilizing an integrated hub-and-spoke operating model, VRL optimally aggregates consignments from a diverse customer base across multiple industries and locations.

      Operating across 24 states and 5 Union Territories, VRL serves a wide range of corporate clients, SMEs, and traders, focusing exclusively on B2B services. The company offers nationwide 3PL and warehousing solutions, supported by state-of-the-art vehicle maintenance facilities, in-house software with real-time data analysis, and dedicated fuel stations in partnership with IOCL. With award-winning service quality, VRL continues to earn the trust and support of its esteemed customers.

      Logistics Companies in Hyderabad

      OM Logistics

      With over three decades of expertise, OM Logistics proudly stands as a premier supply chain and logistics management company in India, recognized among the top 10 logistics companies in Hyderabad. Committed to the philosophy of “Making Business Simple,” OM Logistics has meticulously developed state-of-the-art infrastructure to deliver unparalleled services to its stakeholders. The company boasts an impressive network, featuring over 27,000 serviceable pin codes, 2,500+ cross-dock centers, and more than 50 closed body vehicles.

      With over 25 branches and 750+ scheduled destinations, OM Logistics provides extensive coverage and reliable logistics solutions. The company also offers substantial warehouse storage spaces, catering to large commercial enterprises as well as mid and small-scale businesses. Known for innovation, reliability, and excellence, OM Logistics redefines supply chain standards with a dedicated team that ensures efficient and effective logistics management. As a companion on the path to success, OM Logistics continues to lead and set benchmarks in the logistics industry.

      Logistics Companies in Hyderabad

      Admiral Hitec Logistics

      Admiral Hitec Logistics (India) Pvt Ltd based in Hyderabad, stands out among logistics companies in the region with its comprehensive range of freight forwarding and logistics solutions. Since its establishment in 2005 Admiral has built strong reputation. It efficiently manages transportation by road, rail air and sea. They offer expert services in customs clearance, warehousing and distribution.

      As member of the WCA family of logistics networks Admiral benefits from robust global network spanning over 150 partners. This enhances its ability to serve more than 730 clients worldwide. The company’s commitment to understanding and meeting client requirements has fueled its expansion. It enables it to cater effectively to diverse logistics needs both domestically and internationally.

      Admiral Hitec Logistics continues to innovate and expand its service offerings. This solidifies its position as trusted logistics partner in Hyderabad’s competitive market.

      Fly High Logistics

      Fly High Logistics Pvt Ltd has emerged as a prominent player among logistics companies in Hyderabad. Known for comprehensive services in warehousing transportation. The company also offers tailored customer solutions. Leveraging decades of domain expertise, Fly High Logistics delivers cutting-edge and competitive advantages to its clients across South India. Specializing in high-value warehouse management the company ensures optimized product flow. It also ensures efficient supply chain management.

      In just five years, Fly High Logistics has achieved rapid growth. The company earned a reputation as the preferred choice for businesses of all sizes. Committed to excellence the company aims to become leading service provider in the region. They are exceeding customer expectations with every delivery. With focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Fly High Logistics continues to expand its footprint. By doing so they set new standards in Hyderabad’s dynamic logistics industry.

      Shift Logistics

      Founded in 2018 as end-to-end fulfillment service provider Shift Logistics has adapted swiftly to the dynamic logistics landscape. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 prompted a strategic shift. They began offering comprehensive solutions for businesses nationwide. Utilizing a carrier aggregator application. They also have strategically positioned fulfillment centers. Shift Logistics caters to businesses of all scales. They ensure seamless order storage, tracking and end-to-end fulfillment services.

      With steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction and operational efficiency Shift Logistics has significantly expanded reach. They now cover over 19,000 pin codes. This marks a 30% increase. They prioritize tracking accuracy. Achieving a notable 100% enhances transparency and reliability for clients Moreover their initiatives have successfully lowered shipping costs by 30%. This supports businesses in managing operational expenses more effectively.

      As a prominent player among logistics companies in Hyderabad, Shift Logistics continues to innovate and optimize processes, delivering exceptional value to clients across India.


      Varuna Group leading 3PL logistics services provider in Hyderabad, has established reputation for delivering world-class logistics solutions with over two decades in the industry. Varuna Group has developed a profound understanding of the logistics landscape in Hyderabad. The company offers broad range of services. Including supply chain management warehousing and transportation. Their extensive fleet of over 2,000 vehicles comprising trucks, trailers and containers ensures timely and secure delivery of cargo across the country.

      Varuna’s specialised transportation services cater to expedited shipments oversized and heavy-lift cargo, guaranteeing items arrive in ideal condition. The company operates network of strategically located warehouses in the region adhering to the 5S methodology and complying with CLU and governmental standards. Value-added services such as kitting, bundling and returns handling further enhance their offerings. By implementing Total Quality Management (TQM) with centralised monitoring and regular audits. Varuna Group continues to set benchmarks among logistics companies in Hyderabad.

      Logistics Companies in Hyderabad

      Mahindra Logistics

      Mahindra Logistics proud member of the $20.7 billion Mahindra Group, stands out among logistics companies in Hyderabad for its innovative and technology-enabled solutions. With Mahindra Group’s presence in over 100 countries and skilled workforce of more than 200000 people. Mahindra Logistics leverages this extensive network to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Operating in 21 key industries. The company provides insightful and ingenious logistics solutions with global ramifications.

      Mahindra Logistics is committed to becoming one of 10 most-admired global logistics companies by 2030. In Hyderabad, company excels in offering comprehensive logistics services including supply chain management warehousing and transportation. Through differentiated, technology-driven solutions Mahindra Logistics ensures efficiency and reliability in every aspect of its operations. As leader in logistics sector Mahindra Logistics continues to set high standards and innovate. Solidifying its position as preferred logistics partner in Hyderabad and beyond.

      Logistics Companies in Hyderabad

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