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Top 10 Logistics Companies in Bangalore

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    10 Logistics Companies in Bangalore

    In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive world of eCommerce, effective logistics are critical to success. challenges are always their for businesses to choose among the  Logistics Companies in Bangalore. With a thriving technology industry and a quickly expanding eCommerce sector, logistics companies in Bangalore play an important role in ensuring that businesses can transfer goods and materials efficiently and affordably. From storage and distribution to transportation and supply chain management, these organizations offer a wide range of services to help businesses streamline operations, cut costs, and enhance overall efficiency.

    Let’s delve into the Top 10 Logistics Companies that remain at the forefront, providing essential services that keep businesses moving smoothly.

    Navata Supply Chain Solutions

    Navata SCS excels at optimizing the whole supply chain, providing both digital and physical solutions to help businesses outperform their competitors. As one of the Logistics Companies in Bangalore, Navata SCS helps businesses of all sizes improve their logistics processes, broaden their reach, and optimize operations for optimal efficiency and profit. Their complete services include transportation and warehousing solutions, as well as supply chain management.

    With its expert-verified logistics network, Navata SCS is uniquely positioned to satisfy the demands of enterprises operating in rural India. Using a vast network of branches and warehouses, cutting-edge logistics technology, and real-time tracking and updates, Navata SCS guarantees that shipments arrive at even the most remote locations of the nation without incident or delay.

    With more than 40 years of experience in the field, Navata SCS offers customized help and direction, streamlining and simplifying logistics for companies of all sizes.

    Navata SCS, a logistics company that is highly regarded for its dependability and efficiency, has secured a position in the Bangalore market. Well-known companies like Duke, Wipro, Prestige, Relaxo, Havel’s, and Asian Paints are among their esteemed clientele. Navata SCS’s dedication to innovation and decades of experience have allowed them to consistently provide excellent logistics services.

    Logistics Companies in Bangalore Navata Supply Chain Solutions

    Navata Road Transportation

    Navata Road Transportation is a well-known name among logistics companies in Bangalore that specializes in shipment transportation that runs smoothly and adheres to international standards. Beyond just transportation, they provide a whole logistics solution with well-located, roomy godowns in places like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Chennai, Salem, Bangalore, and Hubli.

    Navata’s aim is to reach out to the most remote regions of India by means of an extensive network, providing comprehensive transport solutions without sacrificing service quality or ethical business practices, and consistently enhancing work environments and infrastructure.

    Upholding high standards in the transportation industry and enhancing brand equity at all levels, Navata Road Transportation is dedicated to providing high-quality services that adapt to changing consumer needs. They provide warehouse, MIS, operational project management, freight forwarding, and transportation services. Focusing on pick/pack, reverse logistics, inventory management, order processing, allocation, and storage, Navata Road Transportation guarantees accuracy and effectiveness in fulfilling client demands.

    Logistics Companies in Bangalore Navata Road Transportation


    Originally formed in 1996 as a branch of Transport Corporation of India (TCI), TCI XPS has now evolved into TCI EXPRESS LIMITED, functioning as a stand-alone business that is traded on Indian stock exchanges. Time-definite solutions are the company’s specialty, with a particular emphasis on express freight distribution and a larger focus on the rapidly growing e-commerce sector. TCI EXPRESS LIMITED is a well-known logistics company in Bangalore. Its large network of computerized offices and well-connected routes allow for quick cargo movement using a Hub & Spoke distribution strategy.

    TCI EXPRESS LIMITED places a high priority on operational excellence and customer satisfaction. It does this by utilizing its infrastructure, which includes a sizable fleet of completely containerized vehicles that service 40,000 locations for pickup and delivery. With the help of a committed group of more than 3500 experts, the organization guarantees effective service provision. Modern amenities at its hubs ensure that cargo are handled securely at every step of the process. Furthermore, real-time tracking is made possible by the use of GPS-enabled cars, which improves operational efficiency and transparency.

    Logistics Companies in Bangalore TCI


    As one of the top 10 logistics companies in Bangalore, VRL stands out for its extensive network, innovative solutions, and commitment to customer satisfaction.VRL, founded in 1976, has grown into a nationally recognized logistics and transportation firm, publicly traded on the NSE and BSE, with a market value of INR 768 Crore as of 2024. VRL is recognized as India’s largest fleet owner of commercial vehicles, providing services in 24 states and 5 union territories. The company serves a varied customer base, including corporate clients, SMEs, and traders, with a primary focus on B2B services.

    VRL delivers nationwide 3PL and warehousing solutions, delivering efficient and dependable logistics support for enterprises of all sizes. VRL is known for its award-winning service quality, and it has earned the loyalty of its valued customers by continually providing excellence in logistics and transportation services.

    Logistics Companies in Bangalore VRL


    Established in 1997, Safexpress is one of the leading logistics companies in Bangalore, dedicated to delivering excellence in supply chain management. With a robust network, direct routes, and 24/7 operations, Safexpress ensures unparalleled service quality for its customers. As a pioneer in the industry, Safexpress has earned the reputation of being the  ‘Market Leader’ in logistics companies in Bangalore and across India.

    Safexpress is among Bangalore’s best logistics companies, providing a wide range of services including Express Distribution, 3PL, and consulting. Safexpress, which focuses on customer happiness, serves over 5,000 B2B customers as well as C2C customers through specialized express delivery services. Safexpress leverages its experience to address unique customer needs in a variety of industries, including healthcare, automotive, high technology, and FMCG. Safexpress, one of the leading logistics firms in Bangalore, is dedicated to offering bespoke solutions that create success for businesses throughout the region.

    Logistics Companies in Bangalore Safexpress

    OM Logistics

    Leading leader in the logistics industry OM Logistics manages a fleet of more than 6,000 GPS-enabled cars driven by skilled drivers with an emphasis on safe and transparent cargo delivery. With a broad network that includes more than 25 locations and services more than 27,000 pin codes, they guarantee prompt delivery to more than 750 scheduled destinations, traveling an amazing 1000 kilometers per day.

    Timely consignment is ensured by their round-the-clock availability, hourly commitment delivery, double driver facility, and specialist coordination from nearby hubs. In addition, OM Logistics provides real-time tracking for COD/DOD delivery, guaranteeing the shortest in-transit time in the sector, and brand-new cars with a minimum weight requirement of one ton. When it comes to government-run rail transportation, OM Logistics is the best at matching freight to the right train for a seamless journey.

    By acting as intermediaries between clients and government-run rail networks, they provide specialized coordination services that guarantee effective cargo delivery. With OM Logistics, you can experience the effectiveness of rail transportation, where freight reaches exactly when and where it’s needed.

    Logistics Companies in Bangalore OM Logistics

    Tripath Logistics

    Tripath Logistics is one of among the leading Logistics Companies in Bangalore, providing unrivaled knowledge and services. With a fantastic track record of serving over 100,000 shipments per year, Tripath Logistics provides superior logistics solutions adapted to clients’ unique demands. Tripath Logistics, with over 150 facilities worldwide, guarantees seamless communication and efficient delivery networks for organizations throughout the world.

    Tripath Logistics’ strength is its dedicated staff of over 200 professionals, who bring unrivaled commitment and competence to each project. Tripath Logistics specializes in freight management, customs brokerage, warehousing and distribution, project logistics, ground transportation, supply chain solutions, and industry logistics, providing comprehensive solutions to streamline the whole supply chain process.

    Logistics Companies in Bangalore Tripath Logistics


    Stackbox is a technology-driven logistics company based in Bangalore that specializes in eCommerce fulfillment. Stackbox is well-known for its advanced technology solutions, which include machine learning and artificial intelligence. The company provides a wide range of services, including warehousing, order processing, and last mile delivery. Their unique approach ensures that customers receive efficient and cost-effective services.

    Stackbox’s Distribution and Fulfillment SaaS platform enables major brands, distributors, wholesalers, e-tailers, and retailers to improve their operations while keeping up with digital disruption and growth ambitions.

    Stackbox is committed to kickstarting a distribution and supply chain revolution. Their solutions have saved more than 700,000 vehicle trips, 1.5 million kilometers of travel, and 225 metric tons of CO2. Stackbox has also achieved a 20% decrease in last-mile expenditures, a 22% increase in truck utilization, and an 18% increase in orders per vehicle. Sparkling among Logistics Companies in Bangalore, Stackbox continues to innovate and set the standard for efficient logistics and supply chain management.

    Stackbox’s mission is to make distribution and supply chain operations intelligent and autonomous, leading a revolution in the industry.

    Logistics Companies in Bangalore

    Bharat Supply

    Bharat Supply is a well-known logistics company in Bangalore with a broad clientele that includes more than 21 states and more than 150,000 villages. With a network of more than 220 regional and transit hubs, they manage an impressive 250,000+ shipments per day.

    First-mile, middle-mile, and last-mile delivery are all included in their extensive offerings, which also include transit warehousing, reverse logistics, rail logistics, shop deliveries, and rural fulfillment. Bharat Supply is a top option for companies looking for dependable logistics solutions in Bangalore and beyond because of their extensive coverage and effective operations, which demonstrate their dedication to supporting rural areas. Focusing on satisfying the various demands of clients and streamlining supply chain procedures, Bharat Supply distinguishes itself as a top logistics supplier in the

    Logistics Companies in Bangalore Stackbox


    The Varuna Group was established in 1996 with a focus on operational efficiency, transparency, and client-centricity. Varuna Logistics is a reliable partner for top supply chain companies in India. It effectively handles end-to-end logistics operations, lowering the effective cost of goods landed. With the largest owned fleet in the nation and more than 20 years of operational excellence in the transportation sector, Varuna Logistics efficiently propels corporate growth.

    With Varuna Logistics, enjoy complete en-route visibility, transit speeds that are among the fastest in the business, and more. Take advantage of our pan-Indian network of over 25 warehousing facilities and our primary and secondary transportation services to support effective inventory management. Varuna provides value-added services, multi-user facilities, and dedicated warehousing solutions via a pay-per-use model, improving planning and cutting costs, regardless of the length of time or nature of the storage needs.

    Varuna Group is a top option in logistics companies in Bangalore because of their dedication to quality, which guarantees timely and effective delivery of shipments. Discover smooth logistics solutions catered to your company’s requirements with Varuna Logistics.

    Logistics Companies in Bangalore Varuna

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