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5 Ways to sell more by simplifying your B2B order fulfillment

Fulfilling orders for other companies or retailers as opposed to individual consumers is known as business-to-business fulfillment or B2B fulfillment. Fulfillment for business-to-business transactions often involves large quantities of freight or order fulfillment processes. Ultimately, business-to-business (B2B) fulfillment aids other companies in stocking items for resale to consumers via one or more sales channels.

As an example, let’s say a company makes children’s shoes. Their shoes are then sold to clients via an internet retailer that receives their merchandise. Order fulfillment between the two companies is meant as “B2B fulfillment” in this context.

Checklist For Selecting A Business-To-Business Fulfillment Center In Light To Order Fulfillment Process

  • Strong Inventory Management System (IMS) with Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Your B2B fulfillment partner must employ cutting-edge WMS and IMS technology (WMS). On the one hand, an IMS has the potential to streamline the inventory management process with tools like real-time inventory sync, complete inventory visibility, reorder level maintenance, replenishment, and demand forecasting. On top of that, it may help you minimize stock-outs and surplus inventory, which can be costly. Without an IMS, your B2B fulfilling service provider would have to manually monitor and manage inventory, which will increase expenses, cause delays in B2B fulfillment, and damage your company’s trust.

Conversely, a WMS may improve the efficiency of tasks like picking and packaging at a warehouse. In addition, a strong WMS synchronizes inventory and order management and consolidates orders from several sales channels.

The warehouse management system (WMS) used by your B2B fulfillment partner should be reliable and effective. The fulfillment process will be streamlined, giving you the best chance of success and ensuring that your customers get their orders promptly.

  • Reliable Transportation System

Timely delivery is the most crucial part of business-to-business order fulfillment. A little setback might result in a major loss if not addressed quickly. To keep goods closer to the client or retailer and execute quicker B2B fulfillment most cost-effectively, your B2B fulfillment supplier must have a dispersed network of fulfillment centers throughout India. In addition, the B2B fulfillment service should have solid relationships with numerous courier services, allowing you to expand your delivery network with minimal interruptions.

So that the supply chain continues to run smoothly at all times, your B2B fulfillment supplier must have contingency measures in place in case of shipment exceptions.

  • Exceptional Assistance For Customers

Since B2B fulfillment handles bigger and more sophisticated orders, even little errors may have far-reaching effects, making dedicated account management essential to success. Your B2B fulfillment service must have an efficient system for handling complaints and questions. Additionally, they need to emphasize customer service, focus on finding solutions, and value the importance of their B2B connection. It is essential to provide order status updates and inform you at all times.

  • A consolidated screen.

Check that your prospective B2B fulfillment partner has the tools you need to monitor stock levels, order progress, and more in a centralized place before committing to working with them. Therefore, a unified dashboard is a must to compete with the market leaders in the current e-commerce industry.

  • Automated processes and streamlined procedures are the fifth improvements.

In B2B fulfillment, any mistakes might have serious consequences. Therefore, the B2B fulfillment service you choose must have well-trained personnel and efficient operations that adhere to SOPs and automated processes. These will guarantee almost no downtime and flawless order fulfillment.

The Bottom Line

Attempting to handle B2B fulfillment on your own might be difficult. Any mistakes in preparing business-to-business shipments might cost you money and cause you to lose a significant wholesale customer. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, consider working with a third-party logistics company like NAVATA SCS to handle your B2B fulfillment.

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